We’re so happy to hear you’ve added a lovely  Staffy puppy to the family. At the same time, we know how long and daunting the journey can be until stinky accidents are no longer a thing. In this guide, we’re going to get you ready for the best possible start for you and your Staffy pup.

Staffies have it a little rough. They are often a misunderstood breed with an undeserved reputation for being aggressive or often linked to criminals and baddies in movies and on TV. But in reality, Staffies are actually mildly playful companions, all with the right training of course.

Prerequisites for training my Staffy puppy

What age can I start to train my Staffy puppy?

As soon as you bring them home, Staffies are good to start training. Staffies are super eager to please and love being around you, which you can of course use to your advantage for getting training done right away. 

Like most dogs, they thrive on boundaries and consistency so make sure you’re training your Staffy puppy with these in mind, all while using positive reinforcement-based training. 

Oh, and you’re in luck. We can start you off with a personalised training programme straight away in the Zigzag puppy training app. Actually, you can even use it before you bring your Staffy puppy home; you can read all about what you need to do before their arrival in the pre-puppy section. Our Zigzag puppy experts will also be happy to guide you along with any of the many questions you may have! 

What do I need to train my Staffy?

Staffies are courageous and brave to the point they’ve often been linked with stud collars and heavy harnesses covered in brasses. Not that they should wear them by the way…they don’t look too comfortable.

There’s a couple of things you’ll need that will help with your training. Here are my top picks for getting prepared for training your Staffy:

  • A treat pouch – Filled with plenty of treats, of course. You’ll want them to reward your pup for all the wonderful things they’re going to learn how to do, like going to the toilet outside or giving you a cute sit. The Rapid Rewards treat pouch is a great choice; otherwise, The Mikki treat pouch is also great – and leans to the cheaper side.
  • A comfortable collar – Your Staffy will look dashing wearing a harness when out on walks, but it’s still the law for a dog to wear a collar and ID tags in many countries. Don’t forget to get them one!
  • A Harness: Satffys love to pull. It’s simply one of their things. Because of that, it’s always best to have them walking on a harness so they don’t get hurt when they’re pulling one of their pulling shenanigans. The True Love Harness is a good one if you’re getting lost with all the options.

Good to know about training Staffy puppies

What are Staffies bred for?

Sadly, Staffies were originally bred for bull baiting and dog fighting.  Staffies are muscular dogs that, despite their size, are super strong. As bloodsports became outlawed (thank goodness) Staffies have continued to be bred for their qualities as family pets. In contrast to their bloody past, they are often referred to as the ‘Nanny’ dog thanks to their love and gentleness around children. 

Common traits exist among modern Staffies, and thankfully none of these relate to their past as fighters. Staffies are courageous and tenacious with a willingness to learn and please which makes them delightful to train. They are high-energy and need a decent amount of exercise each day to keep them out of mischief. They also love people but do need a bit more socialisation around other dogs than other breeds. That’s fine though, that happens with humans too. 

What does this have to do with how I train my Staffy?

Good question. Well, knowing the characteristics of the breed will help you better understand your Staffy, and make it easier for you to train them.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Staffies are strong – especially in their jaws. They have very strong jaws and will bite and hold on. Nothing to blame them about, as this comes from their bull-baiting days where they would bite and hold onto the bull. Sad times back then. But this means they need a bit of extra attention when it comes to puppy biting and learning to leave or drop. 
  • When it comes to eagerness to please, they simply couldn’t be the best – use that to your advantage for training!
  • They’re faithful friends that thrive on human companionship, so practice plenty of alone time exercises with them while they’re young to help prevent Separation Related Problems (it’s all in the ZigZag app).
  • They are lively and playful pups that need to be entertained and on the go. 
  • Lack of stimulation will foster self-employment – a fancy term for them getting into trouble by ripping and pulling some of your furniture if they’re left unsupervised. It’s much better to provide them with items they can rip up and pull apart (like toys) to save your sofa from an unwanted makeover.
  • They will play rough, but try to keep it calm and controlled. 
  • They will need to chew, even when they’re past their puppy age. Their jaws are simply formidable. Make sure to give them plenty of chew toys and chewing activities.
  • Staffies can struggle with other dogs so early socialisation with a variety of different dogs is really important.

Overview of the training programme and topics we’ll cover

  • Sitting
  • Lying down
  • Learning their name
  • Coming when you call them
  • Walking nicely on a lead
  • Playing fetch
  • Sleeping in their crate
  • Coping with being left alone
  • Going to the toilet in the right place 

How we build this puppy training programme: Push Drop Stick

We told you Staffies are clever and super eager to please, didn’t we? Well, we should probably also mention that they can get bored if training gets easy, so finding a way to keep them on their toes is important. 

We can get better and faster results while avoiding boredom and frustration by using the ‘Push Drop Stick’ strategy to gradually increase the difficulty of exercises.

The ‘Push Drop Stick’ works by you doing the same thing 5 times with your pup. If they get all of them right 5 times in a row, you get to move to the next level of difficulty (push). If they get 3 or 4 right, you should stick to their level and take more time to practise. If they only get 1 or 2 right, it means they’re finding the lesson a little challenging, so you should switch to an easier version of it by dropping down a level.

Week 1 – Training your Staffy puppy

Okay, so let’s get started. Week 1! We’ll dive straight into socialisation exercisestraining and husbandry tasks. 

This week, take some time to get to know your Staffy puppy; observe what they’re like and find out more about their personality. They don’t stay little for long, so enjoy that sweet puppy smell, and velvety fur while it lasts. 

Socialisation exercises to do this weekTraining to do this weekHusbandry Tasks to do this week
– Let your puppy explore the garden
– Teach your puppy about surfaces
– Name
– Sit
– Recall
– Retrieve
– Crate Training
– Toilet Training
– Alone Training
– Brushing
– Hand Touch

Sleep training

Staffies might be strong and independent but they will want to be with you. They’re actually soft and mushy inside. For at least the first few weeks, have a crate or bed next to your bed while you get them into a Puppy night-time routine. That way, they’ll be able to tell you if they need the toilet, and can find you in case they need to be comforted in the middle of the night. Discover how to help a puppy sleep through the night with our handy guide.

Alone training

The best way you’ll show your puppy the ropes about being fine when left alone is with stuffed chew toys, time and lots of patience. It will be super helpful to do some alone puppy training from that first week to get the train going, but take your time without any rush to avoid getting them distressed. The goal is to make them learn that you going away can also mean some good things, like treats or a yummy chew toy.

Toilet training

Puppy toilet training. The most feared form of training for new puppy parents.  But there’s nothing to be afraid of – our training guide will show you everything you need to know with plenty of detail so you miss nothing, and rather prevent all indoor accidents. As with alone training, you’ll want to start sooner rather than later; when they get older it might be too late.

Socialisation exercises to do this week

In this first week, we’ll take it nice and easy – focusing on getting your Staffy puppy used to their new home. We can do this with puppy socialisation exercises such as:

  • Exploring the garden – In the first week (if not the first day) showing them where the toilet area is will be the first thing you do. It’s a great opportunity for them to get to know the birds, butterflies, and planes that often make appearances.
  • Surfaces – Setting up different surfaces for your puppy to walk on and discover can do great things for their confidence. Use surfaces like grass, moss, brick or tiles – using treats as a motivator of course. 

Training to do this week

Okay, let’s get started with some basic training for your Staffy puppy. Remember to use lots of puppy treats and praise when training, remember how much they love making your tail wag!

  • Teach your Staffy their name – As with anyone else, it’s quite important that your Staffy puppy knows their name and can respond to it quickly. You can always turn it into a fun game as well. To start, make it a mission to repeat their name to them a lot in the first week so it really starts to click. 
  • Teach your Staffy puppy to sit – Sitting will be a great skill to teach to start off with some good manners. Staffies really love jumping and people so this is an important one! 
  • Puppy recall – This one is one you’ll want to practice as it’s important for safety. Staffies generally stay close, but do have a tendency to be social and will want to run up to people and other dogs for a friendly greeting. Our puppy recall training article will give you all the details for how to polish up a recall.
  • Retrieve/fetch – Staffies love a game of fetch. There will come a time when you’ll be able to play this on a large scale, but for now, getting on the floor and playing softly with your Staffy puppy will be enough.

Preventing resource guarding

For your Staffy, it will be important to teach them about giving up stuff they have in their mouths to help avoid resource guarding.

Remember that when Staffies have something, they often don’t want to let go! Those jaws will clamp on really, really well. They just won’t let go. Oh, and you won’t want to chase them around – it will make them think it’s a good game of chase. And trust us, you won’t outrun them.

Instead, always do lots and lots of swaps with toys so that they learn that you’ll trade with them for whatever they have. As you may well know, they don’t have hands to explore things, so the temptation will be to grab things from their mouths.

Husbandry exercises to do this week

Staffies love a good session of rubs and pets, but should be handled with care.  This first week, we’ll be focussing on handling your puppy in the best way possible.

  • Handling your puppy – Your Staffy puppy will need to look nice and groomed. This means their ears will need to be cleaned, their claws trimmed, and yes. Sometimes their bottoms wiped! In order to be able to do this, our goal is to teach them that hands are nice things. At the start, make sure to use loads of treats to convince them about this. But also, be gentle of course

Week 2 – Training your Staffy puppy

Week 2 already! How’s the whirlwind going? Bet you’re doing just fine. This week, we’ll be covering:

  • Getting a Staffy puppy used to novelty and sounds
  • Starting some lead walking training
  • Getting your Staffy puppy used to being groomed
Socialisation exercises to do this weekTraining to do this weekHusbandry Tasks to do this week
– Fireworks
– Watch the world go by outside your house
– Play dress up
– Sit in the car
– Invite friends over
– Alone Training
– Crate Training
– Toilet Training
– Name – in garden
– Recall – cue word
– Fetch
– Drop
-Sit – add a cue word
– Lead walking
– Grooming

Socialisation exercises to do this week

There are so many new things going on for your puppy these days. From interesting sounds to strange-looking people, to visiting new places. At the moment, your Staffy puppy is in their socialisation period, which is the perfect time to show them anything and everything – including other dogs. 

This week, concentrate on the following socialisation and habituation exercises:

  • Fireworks – Start playing these sounds at a low volume. It’s a good sign if your puppy just ignores them. While they’re listening, use treats now and again too to help them adjust. If you want to know more, we’ve got a full programme of getting your puppy used to noises in the Zigzag app – go take a look!
  • Watch the world go by – For this socialisation activity, with your Staffy all it takes is for your puppy to sit tight out the front of your house, and patiently watch around for everything that goes past them. Soon enough, they’ll start getting used to so many new things, and they won’t think of them as being such a big deal. 
  • Play dress-up – No outfits for your puppy needed yet. In this exercise,  you’re the one that’s dressing up with hats, sunglasses or even a walking stick so your puppy gets exposed to new things.
  • Sit in the car – With a few treats at hand, teach your puppy that the car is nothing more than a form of transport. Nothing to be scared about. There’s no need to go anywhere yet, you can explore a bit around the seats and boot.

Training to do this week

This week, we’ll get to do some training too – nothing too crazy but useful for a young Staffy puppy to learn.

  • Alone training – Oh, how great would it be if we could spend all day with our puppies. Until the world is arranged in a way that we’re able to do so, we’re stuck teaching them that being on their own while home alone is fine. 
  • Crate training – Crate training will do wonders for teaching your puppy to switch off. It will become their safe space whenever you have visitors too – somewhere they can find peace and quiet.
  • Teach them their name – In the garden this time. We need to make sure your puppy knows their name anywhere, and the garden, having thousands of distractions in it, it’s the best place to practice.
  • Recall training: Add a cue word so that you’re not just calling their name you’re also giving them the instruction to ‘come’. 
  • Fetch and drop – They’ll do the fetch part of the game just fine – it’s the reliable drop at the end you’ll have to work on.
  • Introduce lead walking training – A harness will come soon enough. For now,  we’re just practising close following in the house and garden; focusing on teaching them how to walk nicely next to you. 

Husbandry tasks to do this week

  • Brushing your puppy – Staffies can enjoy being groomed but it won’t take long until they start biting on the brush and turn it into a game. Lucky for you, Staffies don’t shed a great deal, but brushing their coat is nevertheless a good bonding exercise. Use a soft brush though; their coats aren’t very thick so nothing too hard.

Week 3 – Training your Staffy puppy

In Week 3, we’re hoping you’re starting to find your way around your pup’s routine – especially around the toilet training. But no worries if you’re not there yet, it will come soon enough. On the other hand, you may have realised already that your Staffy is going down a bitey road now, so you’ll want to have plenty of toys to hand to redirect from chewing away from your furniture or ankles. 

This week we’re going to be covering:

  • Inviting your friends over to meet your new little shadow!
  • Working on recall
  • Working on not jumping up 
  • Teaching your Staffy to lie down
  • Fitting them for a harness
Socialisation exercises to do this weekTraining Exercises to do this weekHusbandry Tasks to do this week
– Scent Trails
– Go for a drive
– Invite Friends Over
– Write a puppy socialisation checklist
– Recall – outside in the garden
– Four Paws on the floor – Not Jumping up
– Down
– Generalisation
– Alone Training
– Harness fitting

Socialisation exercises to do this week

  • Scent trails – Now Staffies aren’t known for their hunting skills, but are still equipped with a formidable sense of smell. To make them happy, set up some treat scent trails around the house or garden for them to follow with their nose. 
  • Invite friends over – Your Staffy will love social encounters, but let them ease into it on their own – let’s not push them to get picked up and passed around too much.
  • Go for a drive – Safety first! Make sure they’re strapped into a car harness or in a crate in the boot so that they’re safe before you drive off.  Some will like a booster seat to see out of the window too and let their ears flap in the wind. 
  • Write a puppy socialisation checklist for your Staffy puppy: This will help them blend into your lifestyle in a calm, and happy way. Make a list of things that are important in your life – are you usually around horses? Do you go on camping trips or road trips?  Your puppy will probably need to be exposed to these things in the most positive way possible to make it an easy transition to adulthood.

Training to do this week

  • Recall: Let’s get your puppy to come to you when called. We’ll want to train this outside where there’s plenty of distractions – good practice for when you’re out and about.  
  • Stop your puppy jumping up: Puppies jump up to be friendly – they really don’t mean to give you muddy jeans. Staffies are actually really friendly and love getting to know new people, but they still have to be polite. That means four paws on the ground, and sitting nicely. 
  • Generalisation: Practice the exercises you’ve been acing so far with your puppy in 5 different places around your home to help them manage for when they’re out in the big world. 
  • Teach your Staffy puppy to lie down – Always useful to have a puppy that can lie down and settle easily. Especially when you’re trying to watch some telly.
  • Alone training – Keep on building on the home alone training week by week so that your Staffy puppy can settle by themselves.

Husbandry tasks to do this week

  • Choosing a harness for a Staffy puppy. There are a lot of harnesses on the market and some will be better than others for your Staffies shape. They do quite like to pull so having something smaller across the chest so they can’t pull against it can work better for them.

Week 4 – Training your Staffy puppy

Halfway through this guide already! You’re doing such a great job, well done you.  This week we’re going to work on 

  • Meeting other dogs and signing your Staffy up for a puppy class. 
  • Teaching your Staffy puppy to settle on a mat 
  • Try the Push, Drop, Stick method on any previous training exercises
  • Grooming sensitive areas 
Socialisation exercises to do this weekTraining to do this weekHusbandry Tasks to do this week
– Meet another dog
– Find a puppy class
– Settle on a mat
– Lead walking
– Recall games
– Push/drop/stick on known exercises
– Grooming sensitive areas

Socialisation exercises to do this week

Training to do this week

  • Settle on a mat – We know you want to show your Staffy off to everyone at the pub. Either that or you simply want to enjoy a cup of tea with your pup somewhere else than in your living room. For this, you’ll have to teach your Staffy puppy to settle on a mat. A stuffed chew toy under your foot with some yummy goodies inside for your puppy to focus on eating is a great way to help them through it. Extra points if you can get them a comfortable piece of vet bed or a memory foam travel mat to settle on. It’s not like they’ll hate lying on the floor,  but the mat will help give a clear signal that you want them to settle. 
  • Lead walking – With your new harness, practice walking your Staffy puppy around the garden. You’ll soon find out they are strong and determined dogs, so you’ll want to teach them that being next to you is the right place to be…and not sprinting over to the pond where the ducks are.  You really don’t want a full-grown ball of Staffy muscle pulling on the lead so start now.  
  • Recall games – Yes, playing tennis with your puppy is a thing. Get them to lap up the attention of being called between people, for treats, rubs, kisses and praise.

Husbandry tasks to do this week

  • Grooming a puppy – Staffies are low maintenance when it comes to pampering but it’s important they get used to being handled as it will make life easier for future vet visits. Those ears catch a lot of dirt too.  Use only dry cotton wool pads for a few days, treating your puppy frequently as you do it, and then move on to moistened pads with some special ear cleaner like Epi-Otic ear cleaner to give them a thorough cleanse. 

Oh, and never squirt things in your puppy’s ears! They will hate it for sure – and you’ll struggle to clean their ears after that.

Week 5 – Training your Staffy puppy

In week 5, it’s time to take training outside. Aren’t you excited? Oh, but make sure that if your puppy isn’t fully vaccinated yet, keep them in your arms or in a puppy carrier so they don’t miss out on any fun.

We’re taking a look at 

  • Working through items on your personal socialisation list 
  • Polishing recall and lead walking training outside
  • Pretend nail clips and grooming
Socialisation exercises to do this weekTraining to do this weekHusbandry Tasks to do this week
– Go to the pub – you deserve it!
– Tick 3 things off your personal socialisation checklist
– Alone Training
– Recall – outside using a lead
– Lead walking – outside
– Push/drop/stick on known exercises
– Pretend nail clips
– Grooming

Socialisation exercises to do this week

  • Go to the pub or a dog-friendly café: After all your hard work, you deserve it. As you may expect, everyone will love to say hello to your Staffy puppy, but it might be the case that not everyone wants to, or that you might not want to have strangers staring over looking hopefully. Before you get to your destination, decide in advance if you’re happy with people coming over so you know what to do. 
  • Tick 3 things off your personal socialisation checklist – what will it be this week? Perhaps a trip to the beach or a hike is next. (vaccinations permitting of course)

Training to do this week

  • Alone training: Time to increase the time they’re left on their own. Can you get outside the front door yet? 
  • Recall – Practice your recall outside, in your garden or the park. Make sure you choose a relatively quiet area away from the road. You can practice recalls on the lead as well if you’re not ready for taking it off – take a few steps backwards so your puppy has to travel a bit further. You can also think about using a long recall lead so that your puppy has a little more freedom to move around. In parks there are going to be a lot of distractions, so bring along the stinkiest treats and toys you can find that will tickle your puppy’s fancy.
  • Lead walking – Get ready for the pulls and shoves. Walking your puppy outside will be a challenge. To make it easier on yourself, think of it more like you’re going on a training walk, rather than on a walk to the park. It helps manage expectations, right? It can be useful to keep going up and down the same road several times too, that way your Staffy can satisfy all of their novelty sniffing needs out of the way to actually get some practice done.
  • Push/drop/stick on known exercises – Let’s see…can your puppy sit on a verbal cue yet? How about sitting for 3 seconds? Think of creative ways to raise the difficulty) of exercises to avoid them getting bored. 

Husbandry tasks to do this week

  • Pretending clipping your dog’s nails – Get your puppy used to you feeling in between their toes to make sure nail clipping doesn’t become something they fear later on. Give them some yummy treats while you show them your claw clippers so they begin to make the link of good things happening when the clippers come out.  
  • Grooming your Staffy puppy -Keep doing a great job of brushing and cleaning their ears and face each week. We bet they love you doing that anyway, but you could never use enough treats

Week 6 – Training your Staffy puppy

Almost there! In Week 6 of training your Staffy puppy, we’re going to:

  • Practice more socialisation and habituation training
  • Following on walks and building difficulty on known exercises
  • Checking your Staffy puppy’s mouth
Socialisation exercises to do this weekTraining to do this weekHusbandry Tasks to do this week
– Tick 3 things off your personal checklist– Following on walks
– Push/drop/stick on known exercises
– Check puppy’s mouth

Socialisation exercises to do this week

  • Tick 3 more items off your socialisation checklist – Perhaps a trip on the bus or train sounds like a good idea. It might also be a good time to visit busier places, as well as quiet ones to see if you can manage him in both scenarios.

Training to do this week

  • Following on walks – By getting your puppy to be happy and excited to stay with you when they’re off lead, they’ll be far more likely to stay by your side. Frequently call them and reward them with treats for their good choices!
  • Push/drop/stick – Let’s try it on any of the cues your puppy knows by now. To keep it interesting, practice the Push, Drop Stick in a distracting area, holding a longer duration or covering a longer distance.

Husbandry tasks to do this week

  • Start checking your puppy’s mouth and teeth: Remember those strong jaws we talked about? Definitely don’t want those snapping at you or the vet. Getting them used to having their mouths checked will be very handy since the vet will always have to check their gums. Make sure you take note of any lost puppy teeth, or their adult teeth aren’t coming through over the top or in front of them in case they’re still there. 

At the start, just see if you can lift their lip and reward them with a treat. Then, slowly and gradually open their mouth a little more, giving them lots of verbal praise. Easy does it!

Week 7 – Training your Staffy puppy

How time flies! They’re probably getting quite big now, but keep in mind they’ll stay with a puppy brain for a long time.  

This week we’ll focus on:

  • Puppy Agility
  • Going for a walk with your puppy and a friend and their dog
  • Letting them off the lead
  • Practising your recall
  • Pretending to put eardrops in
Socialisation exercises to do this weekTraining to do this weekHusbandry Tasks to do this week
– Puppy Agility
– Tick 3 things off your personal checklist
– Wait
– Walk with a friend’s dog
– Recall – off the lead
– Push/drop/stick on known exercises
– Pretend eardrops

Socialisation exercises to do this week

  • Have a go at puppy agility – Staffies and agility? Well, yes. A bit of fun agility is great for all breed types, not just the ones we see on TV. Staffies can be super quick and really game for some fun agility – regardless of what their bulky muscles say. 
  • Tick 3 things off your personal socialisation checklist – How does taking a trip to the agility club sound? For now, we can just let them have a watch of what the other dogs do.

Training to do this week

  • Teach your Staffie puppy to stay: Teaching your puppy to stay will be very useful in the future.  For example, when you want them to stay at the front door while wiping their paws down, or when they should wait at the side of the road with you until you say it’s safe to cross. It’s a great self-control exercise too!
  • Go for a walk with a friend’s dog – Going on a double-date doggie walk sounds like the perfect adventure. Make sure to use lots of treats for both dogs so that they’re calm when walking on lead.
  • Recall – off the lead. This can sound pretty scary for some. But by now, with the great training you’ve done so far should have built a huge reinforcement history and wonderful bond between the two of you. If you’re not feeling too sure yet, you can simply drop their lead and let them drag it or switch to using a recall line
  • Push/drop/stick on known exercises – Let’s do this for recall. If you’re feeling up for it, we can build on the distances too.

Husbandry tasks to do this week

  • Pretend ear drops – Now, Staffies’ ears are funnels for dirt. Prevention is always better than a cure though so they’ll need drops. Our goal here is to teach them that ear drops are nice when they’re young so they get used to them. First, take a bottle with the lid on and pretend to put the drops in their ear. Of course, give them a treat after that. Keep it light and stress-free though! If they walk off, that’s okay – you can try again later.

Week 8 – Training your Staffy puppy

Yay! Pop the champagne – we’re in our final week of this guide. Well, maybe save the champagne for later, since this isn’t the end of training – oh no! Your Staffy puppy will be a student for life. There are always new things to learn!

For the final week, we’ll be teaching you about:

  • Keeping your puppy to stay calm around runners and bikes
  • Teaching your Staffy to target your hand
  • Nose work
  • How to trim their claws
Socialisation exercises to do this weekTraining to do this weekHusbandry Tasks to do this week
– Joggers and Cyclists
– Tick 3 things off your personal checklist
– Practice exercises in different locations
– Teach a hand target
– Introduce nose work
– Push/drop/stick on known exercises
– Nail trims

Socialisation exercises to do this week

  • Joggers and Cyclists – All dogs, no matter their breed, have a prey drive! That means that anything that moves fast can trigger the need to chase, in particular joggers and cyclists. Take your trusty treats out with you for your puppy to on you; rewarding them for being calm will help.
  • Tick 3 things off your personal socialisation checklist – At this time, their socialisation window will be closing, but it’s still important to introduce them to new things. Never gonna be too late for that!

Training to do this week

  • Practice exercises in different locations – let’s try out a new dog-friendly place, hey? 
  • Teach a hand target  – Staffies love to play this game, and will help out great for recall.  Targeting is actually the base for many tricks. If you want to call all the attention towards you and your puppy at a party, it’s something you’ll want to practice. 
  • Introducing nose work to your puppy – Staffies’ noses are incredibly powerful! You can try to hide their toys somewhere around the house and get them to find them by sniffing them out.

Husbandry tasks to do this week

  • Trim your Staffy puppy’s claws – Get ready, we’re going to do this for real this week. Snipping their claws regularly will be helpful for you actually – all you’ll need to do is just snip the very ends off.  Make sure you don’t snip off the quick though – it’s a little blood vessel that runs almost to the end that can be hard to see if your puppy’s nails are black. The dewclaws (those weird-looking fingers that might have once had been thumbs) don’t touch the floor so they’re extra sharp and will need more snipping than most. Just do one paw at a time to start with, or even just one or two claws and then take a break. Treats will always help calm them down, but you could also opt for a  lickimat to make sure their attention is really taken away from what you’re doing.

What’s next for your Staffy puppy?

Well, wasn’t that a journey? We hope we’ve set you up for the rest of the way. Good luck for the rest, and be sure that if you run into any hiccups at any point of the way, we’ve got your back. 

Looking for more puppy training tips already? You might want to add the the best places for online puppy training to your reading list. But if you’re even more eager to sink your teeth into training, the Zigzag puppy training app has many more lessons, tips, and personalised advice you’ll definitely want to continue on your journey. Our team of experts are fantastic and are always ready to give you a hand on anything you need. We mean that! Even puppy name-picking if that’s what you’re stuck with.