Puppyhood, made easy

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Train all life skills

Most puppy training apps only teach tricks & funny games.

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Help from real coaches

Our expert help line is available 7 days/week to help you during any puppy emergency.

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A clear roadmap

We give you 3-5 daily tasks adapted to your pup’s breed and age.

A poor start means a stressful future.

You wouldn’t want to start off by okay-ing peeing on the carpet. Nor chasing every cat he sees. Jumping up with muddy paws at your friends and family isn’t ideal either.

But starting things off right with the Zigzag training app can help you avoid this.

Puppy training isn't easy.

But we’re happy to guide you, through highs and lows.

When using Zigzag, you’ll see your worries slowly disappear. We’ve done everything to create the easiest app for new puppy owners to train your dog effectively, and we make it feel like a breeze.

Train all life skills with the Zigzag Puppy Training App.

Most puppy training apps only teach tricks & fun stuff

Zigzag goes all in – we explain the context, give you special tips and go step-by-step when teaching you about core life skills. We’ve specially designed programs for each breed and age too, tailored to their needs and personalities too.

You're not alone

If When you get stuck: live puppy expert coaching.

We understand you’ll have questions and have occasional panic moments throughout your puppy training journey. We are happy to help you! Zigzag’s experts support line is available 7 days a week to help you during any puppy emergency – contact us via our in-app chat, or email.

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Zigzag creates a personalized training plan for your puppy.

3-5 Easy exercises per day.

In 8-12 weeks, we’ll help you train your puppy to become the best they can be. We give you 3-5 daily tasks adapted to your pup’s breed – from preparing for your puppy’s arrival, to learning potty training, name recognition, obedience, fetching and more, our puppy experts will take you by the hand. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Stay paw-sitive.

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