We’re so excited for you – you have your very own little bat pig, I mean French Bulldog puppy! I know we’re probably not allowed favourites, but well, they’re mine, and a lot of other people’s too if French Bulldog ownership numbers are to be believed.

So we’ve created a guide all about training a French Bulldog puppy. They’re the size and weight of a toddler and have the personality of clowns, it’s no wonder French Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds worldwide. Let’s dive right in and get you started with your Frenchie training.

Perquisites for training my French Bulldog puppy

What age can I start to train my French Bulldog puppy?

You should start training your French Bulldog puppy as soon as you get them home. Puppy brains are a lot bigger than we think – they soak up so much good information despite their young age.

French Bulldogs can be a rather independent breed of dog. In fact, we sometimes might feel like we need them more than they need us! Because of this, we’ll need to do LOTS of training and rewarding of good behaviour when they’re young so they see us as someone worth working with. 

What age can I start to train my French Bulldog puppy?

You can start training your French Bulldog puppy as soon as you get them home. We know that all you’ll probably want to do is cuddle them and kiss them but they’re clever little dogs who love to please so let’s get started with teaching them the ropes as soon as we can. 

Like most dogs, they thrive on boundaries and consistency so make sure you’re training your French Bulldog puppy with these in mind, all while using positive reinforcement-based training. 

We can start you off with a personalised training programme straight away in the Zigzag puppy training app, in fact, you can even use it before you bring your Frenchie puppy home as we have a pre-puppy section. Before bringing your French Bulldog puppy home, you can also get in touch with our Zigzag puppy experts with any of the many questions you may have! 🙂 

What do I need to train my French Bulldog?

While blingy collars and outfits might be top of the list, there are some more sensible things you need to get your French Bulldog puppy that will help with your training. Here are my top picks for getting prepared for training your Frenchie.

  • A treat pouch – You’ll want to have plenty of treats on hand to reward your pup for all the wonderful things they’re going to do, like toileting outside, or giving you a cute sit. My favourite all-rounder is the Rapid Rewards treat pouch, it comes in many colours and looks stylish when on. The Mikki treat pouch is also good and a bit cheaper.  
  • A comfortable collar – Although we’d like to see your French Bulldog wearing a harness when out on walks, it’s the law for a dog to wear a collar and ID tags in many countries. You can go to town and choose pretty colours and designs for Frenchies!
  • A Harness: French Bulldogs struggle with breathing problems due to their shape, so it’s always best to have them walking on a harness. My favourites for Frenchies are padded ones like the Dog Copenhagen or Fleece-lined Perfect Fit. it can be a struggle to find a harness that fits them well and doesn’t impede movement, for a more budget-friendly harness that’s still good I’d go for the True Love padded harness.
  • A lead – Around 2m is a good length for a lead. A training lead is a good idea as you can change the lengths of them to suit. Great for settling, choose one that’s around 2metres to give your Frenchie plenty of room for sniffing. Here’s our review of leads if you’d like to compare them. 
  • A comfortable mat or a piece of non-slip vet bed.
  • Treats The more smelly, the better. Have a look at the best puppy treats here.
  • Chews and chew toys – lots of them! Our faves for Frenchies are West Paw Toppl and hollow buffalo horns for stuffing food into, and cow ears and pizzles for edible chews. Some Frenchies will try and devour edible chews too quickly – keep an eye on them when they’re chewing, if they seem to be trying to swallow the whole thing then these chews may not be the type for your dog, for others they work brilliantly.
  • Two identical toys: Excellent for swaps – your French Bulldog puppy will be super playful and enjoy the retrieving games in the Zigzag app.
  • A soft grooming brush and a flexible slicker– I’m not going to lie, that coat is going to shed, so start early, softly, and with PLENTY of patience and rewards.
  • A crate and a playpen are optional, but we think they’re really useful.

Good to know about training French Bulldog puppies

What are French Bulldogs bred for?

Originally, French Bulldogs were bred from English Bulldogs, who had a shady past as bull-baiting dogs. People enjoyed their cheerful nature and kept them as companion dogs after these awful blood sports were prohibited.

England had their own ‘toy bulldog’, which was popular among seamstresses and lace workers in the North. When the need for these workers declined in England, their skills were still required in France, so the workers relocated, bringing their dogs with them.

When they arrived in France, they were adored by shopkeepers, butchers, and, most infamously, Les Belles de Nuit – the ladies of the night!

Today’s Frenchies have a less undershot jaw, a compact physique, and straighter legs, as well as bat ears (nobody knows where they originated from) or occasionally floppy ears.

What does this have to do with how I train my French Bulldog?

It’s a reasonable question. Knowing the characteristics of the breed will help you better train your Frenchie puppy and understand why they behave the way they do.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Frenchies are incredibly loving and enjoy being in the spotlight.
  • They’re very trainable and like learning new things, so you’re in luck.
  • They’re faithful friends that thrive on human companionship, so practice plenty of alone time exercises with them while they’re young to help prevent Separation Related Problems (it’s all in the ZigZag app).
  • They have strong (but cheeky) personalities, as you’ll discover. They’re clown dogs, and they’ll make you giggle in no time.
  • They can have a lot of energy (possibly even more than a lot of energy) and enjoy an active home life.
  • Lack of stimulation WILL foster self-employment; provide them with items to rip up and pull apart to keep them out of trouble. By the way, if you leave them to it, they WILL go into your recycling and have a field day.
  • It’s a good idea to prepare for this one: French Bulldogs can get easily frustrated if not taught self-control exercises, they like to get what they want when they want it, teach them there are other ways than throwing a strop and all will be well. 
  • They love rough play, especially among their own kind – it’s a sight to behold! Frenchies often think they are big dogs, thus they often do well playing with dogs larger than them. 
  • They will need to chew – a lot when they’re teething and then strengthening that jaw!
  • They aren’t suited for harsh weather, so avoid walkies in the sun when it’s hot. When the weather becomes cold, they’ll appreciate a lovely jumper.

PRO TIP: The Equafleece jumpers are a worthwhile investment. They look dashing in them too!

Overview of the training programme and topics we’ll cover

This 8-week guide to training a French Bulldog puppy will cover a variety of topics, including

  • Sitting
  • Lying down
  • Learning their name
  • Coming when you call them
  • Walking nicely on a lead
  • Playing fetch
  • Sleeping in their crate
  • Coping with being left alone
  • Going to the toilet in the right place 

How we built this programme – Push Drop Stick

We told you French Bulldogs are clever, didn’t we? Of course, that also means they can get bored and frustrated when doing the same thing over and over again. 

We can get better and faster results while avoiding boredom and frustration by using the ‘Push Drop Stick’ strategy to gradually increase the difficulty of exercises.

Essentially, you do the same thing 5 times with your pup. If they get all 5 right, you move to the next level of difficulty (push). If they get 3 or 4 right, you should stay there (stick). If they only get 1 or 2 right, you should switch to an easier version of the exercise (drop).

Week 1 – Training your French Bulldog puppy

In the first week, we’ll dive straight into socialisation exercises, training and husbandry tasks with your French Bulldog puppy. 

Take some time to get to know your French Bulldog puppy, they don’t stay little for long, so enjoy that sweet puppy breath, and velvety fur while it lasts.

Socialisation exercisesTraining TasksHusbandry Tasks
-Let your puppy explore the garden
– Teach your puppy about surfaces
– Name
– Sit
– Recall
– Retrieve
– Crate Training
– Toilet Training
– Alone Training
– Quiet Training
– Brushing
– Hand Touch

Sleep Training – The First Week

French Bulldogs are companion dogs and they will want to be with you. Have a crate or bed next to your bed, for at least the first few weeks, while you get them into a Puppy night-time routine. That way you can tell if they need the toilet, and they can seek reassurance when they need to know where you are in the middle of the night. Here is how to get a puppy to sleep through the night successfully.

Alone Training

Teaching your French Bulldog puppy that they can be totally fine being left alone, can be done with stuffed chew toys, time and patience. It’s worth doing alone training from that first week, but do it methodically and don’t rush it as they’ll get distressed.

Toilet Training

Practically every website you read may tell you that toilet training your French Bulldog puppy can be a challenge, check out our toilet training guide and keep your eyes peeled so that you can be ready to take them out to prevent accidents indoors!

Socialisation Exercises

This first week will be all about getting your French Bulldog puppy used to their new home we can also look at beginning puppy socialisation exercises such as:

  • Letting your French Bulldog puppy explore the garden – showing them where the toilet area is especially important in this first week! You can also let them watch birds, butterflies, and hear planes going over. 
  • Teach your puppy about surfaces – we want our puppy to be confident on all kinds of different surfaces so have fun setting up little areas with different textures you can get them to explore. Use treats! 

Training Tasks

Let’s start off with some basic training for your French Bulldog puppy. Remember to use lots of puppy treats when training, they’ll love that! 

  • Teach your French Bulldog their name – it’s important that your French Bulldog puppy knows their name and can respond to it quickly. Turn it into a game and have fun! 
  • Teach your French Bulldog puppy to sit – it’s a lovely way to start teaching your puppy some manners as if they’re sitting they can’t be jumping on people! Ok, it also looks cute too when they’re looking up adoringly with those big Frenchie eyes!
  • Recall – How to teach your French Bulldog puppy to come back when called – this is important for safety as Frenchies love to ‘go and say hi’ to people and to other dogs! 
  • Retrieve/fetch – French Bulldogs LOVE to play and they’ll find retrieving pretty fun! They can get a bit obsessed with balls, so switch around what toys you use when playing, and also work on more ‘find the toy’ type of exercises. Work on lots of drops too.

Preventing Resource Guarding

It’s important to teach your French Bulldog puppy that giving up stuff will bring about fabulous rewards, this will help to avoid resource guarding.

When Frenchies have something they often don’t want to let it go, particularly if it makes you chase them, what a good game!

Always do lots and lots of swaps so that they learn that you’ll trade them for whatever they have. Everything they find will likely go in their mouth as they don’t have hands to explore things, the temptation can be to grab things from their mouths, but try to always do the swap.

Husbandry Exercises to do This Week

Frenchies love to be touched and stroked, but they’re not as tough as they make out and should be handled with care. Also, be careful to not treat them like toys or hand them around too much. This first week we’ll be focussing on handling

  • Handling your puppy – your French Bulldog puppy will need their ears cleaned quite regularly, their claws trimmed, and sometimes their bottoms wiped! To do this we want to teach them that hands will do nice things to them so use plenty of treats when handling your puppy.

Week 2 – Training your French Bulldog puppy

You’ve made it to week 2, well done! We’re sure you might be quite tired as the whirlwind of owning a French Bulldog puppy is in full force! This week we’ll be covering

  • Getting a French Bulldog puppy used to novelty and sounds
  • Starting some lead walking training
  • Getting your Frenchie puppy used to being groomed
Socialisation ExercisesTraining TasksHusbandry Tasks
– Fireworks
– Watch the world go by outside your house
– Play dress up
– Sit in the car
– Invite friends over
– Alone Training
– Crate Trainin
– Toilet Training
– Name – in garden
– Recall – cue word
– Fetch
– Drop
– Tugging and Self Control
– Sit – add a cue word
– Lead walking
– Grooming

Socialisation Exercises

It’s important to get your French Bulldog used to novelty, interesting sounds and going in and out of the car while they’re young and in their puppy socialisation period

Try these socialisation and habituation exercises with your French Bulldog puppy this week.

  • Fireworks – play these sounds at a low volume, your Frenchie should just ignore them, you can use treats now and again too – we have a full programme of getting your puppy used to noises in the Zigzag app.
  • Watch the world go by – Your Frenchie will like to sit out the front of your house, and just watch all of the sights and sounds that go past them. They’ll soon realise that none of this is a big deal.
  • Play dress-up – outfits for your puppy can wait, in this exercise wear a hat or sunglasses, maybe try using a walking stick so your puppy gets exposed to new things.
  • Sit in the car – Have some treats handy and teach your puppy that the car is just a nice place to be at first. No need to go anywhere yet, let them climb over the seats and explore a little too.

Training Tasks

We’ll crack on with some training this week, nothing too tricky but useful things for a young French Bulldog puppy to learn.

  • Alone training – we can’t be with our Frenchies all of the time, much as we would love to, so do work on teaching them that being on their own while home alone is fine. 
  • Crate training – this can be useful when trying to teach your puppy to switch off. It can also become their safe space when people come around so they get a chance to have some peace and quiet.
  • Teach them their name in the garden – we need to teach them things in different places so that they can respond everywhere. The garden has distractions aplenty and is a good place to start.
  • Recall training: add a cue word so that you’re not just calling their name you’re also giving them the instruction to ‘come’. 
  • Fetch and drop – the fetch part of the game is usually quite easy, make sure you get a nice reliable drop at the end too.
  • Introduce lead walking training – you’ll choose a harness for your French Bulldog when you start actual lead walking, for now, we’re just practising close following in the house and garden. Frenchies often want to rush on ahead so be sure to spend some time teaching them how to walk nicely next to you.

Husbandry Tasks

  • Brushing your puppy – most French Bulldog puppies love to be brushed. Using a slicker like the Zoom Groom or the furminator brush will help to pull dead hair out and give them a nice massage too. Although their coat is short they will shed so it’s worth getting all of the dead hair out to keep their coat and skin healthy.

Week 3 – Training your French Bulldog puppy

In week 3 we hope you’ve started to get into the swing of this French Bulldog puppy training, we’re going to be covering

  • Inviting your friends over to meet your little Bat-Pig!
  • Working on recall, not jumping up and teaching your French Bulldog to lie down
  • Fitting them for a harness
Socialisation ExercisesTraining Tasks Husbandry Tasks 
– Scent Trails
– Go for a drive
– Invite Friends Over
– Write a puppy socialisation checklist
– Recall – outside in the garden
– Not Jumping up
– Down
– Generalisation
– Alone Training  
– Harness fitting

Socialisation Exercises

  • Scent trails – get your puppy’s head down and engaged with snuffling treats from the floor while following a trail of them. Frenchies may have a teeny tiny nose but their nose is still way better than ours! 
  • Invite friends over – your French Bulldog will likely love to meet lots of new people, but let them do it in their own time, try not to rush them or allow too much picking up!
  • Go for a drive with your French Bulldog puppy – make sure they’re strapped into a car harness, or in a crate in the boot so that they’re safe.  Some will like a booster seat to see out of the window too! 
  • Write a puppy socialisation checklist for your French Bulldog puppy: What kind of things are important for your lifestyle, perhaps you have horses, or like going on train journeys? Then your French Bulldog puppy will need exposure positively so that when they’re older it doesn’t faze them.

Training Tasks

  • Recall: teaching your puppy to come when called, outside will be important for your Frenchie. Practice indoors and then out in your garden. 
  • Stop your puppy jumping up: Puppies jump up to be friendly. Frenchies are really friendly and love people. They need to be taught there are other things they can do to say hello, that doesn’t involve jumping. Like a nice ‘sit to greet’ 
  • Generalisation: Practice exercises with your puppy in 5 different locations around your home. 
  • Teach your French Bulldog puppy to lie down – Always useful to have a puppy that can lie down and settle easily. 
  • Alone training – keep on building on the home alone training, week by week so that your French Bulldog puppy can settle by themselves.

Husbandry Tasks

  • Choosing a harness for a French Bulldog puppy. There are a lot of harnesses on the market and some will be better than others for your Frenchies shape.

Week 4 – Training your French Bulldog puppy

We’re a month in already! and halfway through this guide to training your French Bulldog puppy. This week we’re going to work on 

  • Meeting another dog and finding a puppy class for your Frenchie.
  • Teaching your French Bulldog puppy to settle on a mat as well as increase the difficulty of exercises using the Push, drop, stick method.
  • Grooming sensitive areas of your French Bulldog  puppy
Socialisation exercises Training TasksHusbandry Tasks 
– Meet another dog
– Find a puppy class 
– Settle on a mat
– Lead walking
– Recall games
– Push/drop/stick on known exercises
– Sit starts the game
– Grooming sensitive areas

Socialisation Exercises

  • Meeting another dog – your puppy will likely be quite full-on when meeting another dog, so choose a nice calm older dog who likes puppies! 

Training Tasks

  • Settle on a mat – to have that cafe lifestyle or just take them out to places you’ll want to teach your French Bulldog puppy to settle on a mat. Use a stuffed chew toy under your foot with some yummy goodies inside for your puppy to focus on eating. They’re a bit precious so get them a comfortable piece of vet bed or a memory foam travel mat to settle on. 
  • Lead walking – Use your new harness and practice walking your Frenchie puppy around the garden. Despite their small size they are strong and determined little dogs, so teach them that being next to you in your reinforcement zone is the place to be.
  • Recall games – Play tennis with your puppy! Your puppy will lap up the attention of being called between people, for treats, strokes, kisses and praise. They love a tickle too! Cute.

Husbandry Tasks

  • Grooming a puppy – focusing on sensitive areas. For a French Bulldog puppy that place is going to be eyes and ears. Some Frenchies have a lot of wrinkles on their face, so getting them used to being wiped with clean cotton pads, and doing this predicts lots of yummy treats is the way to go. Those ears catch a lot of dirt too. Try using cotton wool pads that are dry for a few days, treating your puppy frequently as you do it, then moisten the pad with some special ear cleaner like Epi-Otic ear cleaner to give them a thorough cleanse. 

Never squirt things in your puppy’s ears! They will hate it and you’ll struggle to clean their ears after that.

Week 5 – Training your French Bulldog puppy

In week 5 we’re going to be doing some training outside, if your puppy isn’t fully vaccinated yet then still take them out in your arms or a bag so that they get to see the world. 

We’re taking a look at 

  • Working on items on your personal socialisation list 
  • More recall and lead walking training outside
  • Pretend nail clips and grooming
Socialisation exercisesTraining TasksHusbandry Tasks 
– Go to the pub – you deserve it!
– Tick 3 things off your personal socialisation checklist 
– Alone Training
– Recall – outside using a lead
– Lead walking – outside
– Push/drop/stick on known exercises
– Pretend nail clips
– Grooming

Socialisation Exercises

  • Go to the pub or a dog-friendly café – you deserve it! Yes everyone will love to say hello to your French Bulldog puppy, it’s almost the law! Be mindful that not everyone loves dogs and actually you might not want to be disturbed when you’re sitting chatting with friends. Decide in advance if you want to be interrupted and if people come over, whether you want your puppy to be disturbed too! As the saying goes, let sleeping dogs lie, and my personal preference is that if my dog is calm and relaxed, maybe even asleep then I don’t want people disturbing her.
  • Tick 3 things off your personal socialisation checklist – what will it be this week? Perhaps you could take your puppy on a boat trip or to the beach.

Training Tasks

  • Alone training: increasing time alone will be important – can you get outside the front door yet? 
  • Recall – Practice your recall outside, in your garden or the park. If you’re at the park choose a quiet area and just do recalls on the lead, stepping a few steps backwards so your puppy has to travel a bit further. You can also think about using a long recall lead so that your puppy has a little more freedom but can still be managed. 

In parks there are going to be a lot of distractions, so bring along the big guns! The stinky treats and the special toys so that your puppy finds you irresistible.

  • Lead walking – Walking your puppy outside will be challenging! Think less  ‘we’re going for a walk’ and more ‘let’s go for a training walk’. When you’re practising lead walking training with your Frenchie puppy it can be useful to keep going up and down the same road several times. That way your Frenchie can get all of the sniffing out the way soon and the novelty of new smells will wear off. 
  • Push/drop/stick on known exercises – can your puppy sit on a verbal cue yet? Can they sit for 3 seconds? Think of inventive ways to raise the criteria (the difficulty) of exercises.

Husbandry Tasks

  • Start pretending to clip your dog’s nails – get your Frenchie puppy used to you feeling in between their toes so that nail clipping won’t be an issue later. Use treats, and have your claw clippers handy. Show your puppy the clippers and give them a treat so they start to predict good things when the clippers come out.  
  • Grooming your French Bulldog puppy – carry on with the brushing and cleaning of ears and face each week, they mostly enjoy it anyway, but using treats will make them love it!

Week 6 – Training your French Bulldog puppy

In week 6 of training your French bulldog puppy, we’re going to be

  • Doing more socialisation and habituation training
  • Following on walks and building difficulty on known exercises
  • Checking your French Bulldog puppy’s mouth
Socialisation exercises Training TasksHusbandry Tasks 
– Tick 3 things off your personal checklist – Following on walks
– Push/drop/stick on known exercises
– Check puppy’s mouth 

Socialisation Exercises

  • Tick 3 more items off your socialisation checklist – how about taking your French Bulldog puppy on a bus? Or booking a swimming lesson at a hydrotherapy pool?

Training Tasks

  • Following on walks – get your Frenchie puppy to be happy and excited to stay with you when they’re off lead by frequently calling them, and rewarding them heavily for good choices.
  • Push/drop/stick – you can do this on any of the cues your puppy knows by now. We can increase criteria by doing it in a distracting area, holding a longer duration or asking for the behaviour at a longer distance, or covering a longer distance.

Husbandry Tasks

  • Start checking your puppy’s mouth and teeth. It’s worth checking your Frenchie puppies teeth, they have not been bred to have the best teeth and their skull shape means they can be bunched up and misaligned. You’ll also want to check that they have lost their puppy teeth and that their adult teeth aren’t coming through over the top or in front of their baby teeth. 
  • Start gently, just see if you can lift their lip and reward with a treat, to begin with, then gradually open their mouth a little more, giving them lots of verbal praise, let’s face it none of us like people looking in our mouths, so we need to teach our puppy that it’s ok too.

Week 7 – Training your French Bulldog puppy

We hope you’re enjoying training your French Bulldog puppy. They’re probably getting quite big now, but don’t forget they won’t be mentally mature for some time so be mindful of your expectations on how they behave. To be honest, they’re always babies, even when they’re not puppies anymore.

This week we’re going to teach you about 

  • Puppy Agility
  • Going for a walk with your puppy and  a friend and their dog
  • Letting them off the lead and practising your recall
  • Pretending to put ear drops in
Socialisation exercises Training TasksHusbandry Tasks  
– Puppy Parkour
– Tick 3 things off your personal checklist
– Wait
– Walk with a friend’s dog
– Recall – off the lead
– Push/drop/stick on known exercises
– Pretend ear drops 

Socialisation Exercises

  • Have a go at puppy agility – Don’t let anyone tell you that Frenchies can’t do things, some of them are super fast, and they love dog sports such as agility. 
  • Tick 3 things off your personal socialisation checklist – maybe go to the agility club and just let them have a watch of what the other dogs do?

Training Tasks

  • Teach your French Bulldog puppy to stay Teaching your puppy to ‘stay or wait there until I tell you to do something else’ can be such a useful behaviour to teach as it will come in handy when you want them to stay at the front door while you grab a towel to wipe their paws. Or maybe they wait at the side of the road with you until you say it’s safe to cross? It can be a nice little self-control exercise too. 
  • Go for a walk with a friend’s dog – The dream! Your puppy is probably going to get quite excited at seeing your friend’s dog. Use lots of treats for both dogs so that when they’re on lead they can walk calmly. 
  • Recall – off the lead. Sounds scary we know, but by now all of the fabulous training you’ve done has built a huge reinforcement history and a wonderful relationship between the two of you. If you’re worried don’t forget you can simply drop their lead and let them drag it or switch to using a recall line
  • Push/drop/stick on known exercises – Perhaps you can do this for recall, and build on the distances they can reliably recall?

Husbandry Tasks

  • Pretend ear drops – Now those ears are funnels for dirt, I’m sorry but it’s true! You’ve probably already seen how your Frenchie hates the rain as the water gets in and it’s horrible for them. Prevention is always better than a cure, but sometimes even keeping your Frenchie’s ears squeaky clean may not be enough and they’ll need drops, so why not teach them that ear drops are nice from the beginning? Use a bottle with the lid on, pretend to put the drops in their ear, then give them a treat. Keep it light and stress-free, if they walk off, then let them and go back to it later.

 Week 8 – Training your French Bulldog puppy

We’re in our final week of this guide, but this isn’t the end of your training oh no!

There are always new things to learn and this week we’ll be teaching you about

  • How to get your puppy to stay calm around runners and bikes
  • Teaching your French Bulldog  to target your hand
  • Nose work
  • How to trim their claws
Socialisation exercises Training TasksHusbandry Tasks 
– Joggers and Cyclists
– Tick 3 things off your personal checklist 
– Practice exercises in different locations
– Teach a hand target
– Introduce nose work
– Push/drop/stick on known exercises  
– Nail trims

Socialisation Exercises

  • Joggers and Cyclists – ‘Everyone loves me’ thinks most French Bulldogs, and sadly no, not everyone does. There is also a desire for Frenchies to chase after fast-moving objects. Take lots of treats out with you and teach your puppy to focus on you, do some sits and downs or simply reward them for being calm.
  • Tick 3 things off your personal socialisation checklist – although their socialisation window will be closing, it’s still important to introduce them to new things.

Training Tasks

  • Practice exercises in different locations – how about going to some dog-friendly places? Many DIY stores are dog friendly. Or how about showing off your skills at the Vet?
  • Teach a hand target  – French Bulldogs tend to love this one and it works great as a recall. Targeting is often the basis of many trick behaviours too, and we’re sure you’re going to love teaching your Frenchie some ‘party tricks’
  • Introducing nose work to your puppy – their nose may be small, but like the rest of them, it is mighty! See if you can hide their toys and then get them to ‘find them’ by scent alone.

Husbandry Tasks

  • Trim your French Bulldog puppy’s claws – we’re going to do this for real this week. If you do them regularly enough all you need to do is just snip the very ends off. If your French Bulldog puppy has dark nails they can be trickier so take care not to cut the little blood vessel that runs almost to the end called the quick. The dewclaws (where your puppy might have once had thumbs!) don’t touch the floor so will need more attention than most. Just do one paw at a time, maybe even just one or two claws and then take a break. Remember to treat regularly., You can also offer something like a lickimat to take their attention away from what you’re doing too.

What’s next for your French Bulldog puppy?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 8-week guide to train your French Bulldog puppy, and come away with some tips and useful exercises to teach. 

Looking for more puppy training tips? Discover the best places for online puppy training, next. Why not take a look at some of the other training you can do with your French Bulldog puppy in the Zigzag puppy training app? You’ll find more in-depth training, games and socialisation advice – access to a team of puppy training experts to help you every step of the way too. They’re awfully friendly too.