A puppy throwing isn’t the best news. Never smells great, and can be pretty alarming. They get stressed, you get stressed, and that’s just not fun, is it? 

On the other hand, puppy vomiting can be quite normal, so you shouldn’t worry about it too much. It happens to the best of them. Your puppy throwing up can be due to a few reasons; which is why we’re glad you’ve made it to this article. We’ll go through everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your puppy throwing up; from why they’re doing it, what to do once they’ve done it, and how to clean up the inevitable mess. If you have a puppy who threw up food and you’re wondering what to do then you’re in the right place.

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Why is my puppy throwing up?

Wondering why your puppy threw up food? Don’t worry, it’s probably not you, it’s them. 

If your puppy threw up yellow bile

If your puppy throws up in the morning in foamy yellow bile, chances are they’ve gone a long time between meals. This makes them have a buildup of stomach acid, and makes them sick as a result.

Your puppy overate and threw up food

Puppies who overeat or gobble their food down too fast can throw it back up again, they often try and eat it again. Gross. Really, really gross. 

Teething can make puppies throw up

Yes, teething can make your puppy sick on top of everything else. As they have a decreased appetite, this can also give them an upset tummy and make them shoot out the other end as well. Yes, we mean diarrhoea.

Your puppy’s food might be off

If your puppy’s food has been left out in the open and air has got to it, then there’s a chance their food might not have been as fresh when they finally eat it. Dry food can go rancid quite quickly if left sitting out, and wet food will spoil quickly if not refrigerated. Raw and homemade food should be carefully checked that it’s good enough to eat before you give it to your puppy!

Puppy threw up after exercise

Try to schedule your puppy’s meals and walks properly so that they’re not running around on a full stomach. All that jiggling on a belly full of food could make anyone hurl, to be fair.

Your puppy has eaten something they shouldn’t have

Puppies eat just about everything don’t they? Whether it’s the crumbs on your kitchen floor or your own toes. Half the time, they aren’t too clever at knowing what they should and shouldn’t be eating, so if they’ve eaten something they shouldn’t, they’ll usually throw it up. Dogs are natural purgers – you’ll get to know that side of them soon enough. 

Your puppy might have worms

Worms can also make your puppy throw up. They can make anyone throw up for that matter. At the same time, dewormers can also make your puppy feel quite nauseous too and potentially throw up, so one way or another, be prepared to clean something up. 

Your puppy might need a vet if they throw up 

Certain illnesses like Canine Parvovirus can cause puppies to throw up and become very poorly as well. Foreign bodies like broken-off pieces of bone or rawhide can cause blockages, so it’s a safe bet to get them checked out by the vet just in case you need an extra hand.  

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Puppy threw up food – what can I do to help?

If your puppy has thrown up their food, squeeze your nose and follow these tips to help:

Store your dry puppy food in an airtight container

To prevent dry food from going rancid due to contact with the air, store it in an air-tight container once opened. 

Don’t leave your puppy to free feed

Food that is left down all day will go off as bacteria can build up. If your puppy is a grazer, try to get them on a reliable feeding schedule so they’re eating regularly and not wasting any food. Everyone’s happy.

Worm your puppy

Okay, gotta keep your eyes open for this one. If your puppy throws up food and you see flecks of what looks like rice, don’t panic – they are indeed likely to be worms, so just take it as the sign you need to know it’s time to worm them. And yes, they are repulsive little things.

Don’t leave it too long between meals

If your puppy is throwing up first thing in the morning, they have probably gone too long between meals. Try feeding them a bit later in the evening, or give them a light snack before bedtime

Clean your puppy’s bowls regularly

Puppies need clean cutlery, just like humans. Make sure to clean your puppy’s bowls daily and provide fresh clean water to prevent bacteria from forming in their bowls, and having to deal with puppy sick.

Give your puppy some bland food

Feeding a bland diet of fish and sweet potato or chicken and rice can be helpful if your puppy has a tummy bug and has thrown up food. Remember – it’s only in a puppies’ world that eating bland food isn’t a bad thing. We do hope you at least put some gravy in yours though.

Don’t overfeed your puppy

Sometimes we rush to cut the frequency of our puppy’s meals down by a certain age. For some puppies, they still need their meals to stay small and to be fed frequently so that they don’t eat too much at once. If your puppy is doing well on three meals a day, then there is no harm in keeping them on three for a while. Their tummies are still small…but don’t underestimate their ability to vomit a nasty one. 

Contact a vet if your puppy is sick

If your puppy has thrown up food and has other clinical signs of illness like lethargy, raised temperature, pain or other worrying symptoms, then do contact your vet. Better be safe than sorry!

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Cleaning up if your puppy threw up food

If your puppy has been sick, chances are they are likely to try and eat it again! It’s horrible but yes, it happens. Here’s some tips of what to do: 

  • Pop your puppy in a crate or playpen away from the vomit to prevent them eating it before you start cleaning it up.
  • Pick up as much vomit as possible with a kitchen towel and dispose of it. 
  • Use an enzyme-based cleaner, or biological washing powder to clean the area thoroughly.

Pretty straightforward, isn’t it? Clean the sick. That is all. 

We hope you’ve found some helpful information in our guide and now know what to do if your puppy threw up food. If you’re worried, seek medical advice from a vet to double-check. While you’re here, you might want to read up on another common puppy problem – what about puppy tear staining?

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