Puppy bowls… Surely there isn’t much to know, but honestly, the choice out there can be overwhelming and lead to indecision when choosing a puppy food bowl. In fact, a recent Amazon search for a puppy food bowl brought up over 500 results! 

puppy licking lips
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With so many different types of puppy bowls available, it’s no wonder you’re struggling to decide which one is right for you and your puppy. We thought we’d help you out and give you some info in our guide… So here’s all you need to know about puppy bowls. In this article we’ll cover; 

  • Why food bowls are important for puppies
  • 5 things to look for in a puppy bowl
  • All the different types of puppy bowls (but not quite 500 of them don’t panic)

If you’re unsure what kind of puppy bowl you should be using or need more advice on what to feed your puppy, or how much, then head to the Zigzag puppy training app. We also have a team of puppy coaches ready to answer your questions. 

Why are puppy bowls important?

Puppy bowls are important because they give your puppy a dedicated place to eat from, that’s reliable. We don’t want the little darling worrying about where their next meal is coming from, do we?

At the same time, while using puzzle toys, puppy brain games, puppy food in training, or slow feeder bowls can be a great way to deliver some of your puppy’s food each day, we suggest you don’t make them work for every meal. After all, that sounds like a lot of hard work just to get your calories, and plenty in life should be free, so a puppy food bowl is a great way to feed your puppy their regular food. 

5 things to look for in a puppy food bowl

When you’re looking at puppy bowls, it’s worth checking for a few things that will ensure you get a quality product that’s fit for purpose.

Durability of the puppy bowl

Some puppies will pick up bowls and treat them like a toy. You can either go for something quite heavy like a ceramic bowl or something non-breakable like a stainless or silicone dog bowl.

Is the puppy bowl hygienic?

Some puppy food bowls like the Hownd Hero bowl are made of a special antimicrobial material. The top bowls for hygiene are often Stainless Steel but not all dogs will like to eat out of them. Whichever bowl you buy we recommend making sure it’s dishwasher safe and can cope with high-temperature washing. 

Can the puppy bowl be clipped to your puppy’s crate or playpen?

If your puppy is the type to knock their bowl over if it’s in their crate, then it can be an idea to consider one that can be clipped onto the side of the crate or playpen. There’s a few different designs from the classic stainless doggy bowls option to these funky collapsible puppy bowls made of silicon. 

How much food can you fit in the puppy bowl?

If you have a chihuahua, you might not be too worried about this, but larger breeds do require a larger amount of food. It’s wise to see if the puppy bowl holds enough for your growing puppy’s meal. 

Is the puppy bowl the right shape and size bowl for your puppy?

Flat faced breeds prefer a wider shallower dish to eat from, whereas Spaniels and other long eared Hounds or Setters appreciate a bowl that will keep their ears clean and dry. 

Of course, if your puppy is looking for a more luxury product, then consider the design classic that is the Alessi dog bowl. Fit for only the chicest dogs about town! 

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7 popular types of puppy bowls

There are many, many different types of food bowls on the market. The type you decide on will vary depending on your puppy’s personality and physical needs, your aesthetic choices, and your wants for a perfect doggy bowl.

A slow feeder puppy bowl

Slow feeder puppy bowls do what they say on the label, they make your puppy eat more slowly, by putting the food in a maze which your puppy has to work to get out. 

They are excellent for pups who seem to just inhale their food without much thought. *cough* labradors….! 

While the regular style of slow feeder puppy bowl is always a winner, more elaborate slow feeders have also hit the market to mentally challenge your puppy when eating.

A lickimat wobble

Another type of slow feeder puppy bowl, is the lickimat wobble. This puppy bowl is better suited to those who feed their puppies a raw, home-cooked or wet food diet. Lickimat took their popular foraging mat design and turned it into a bowl shape which wobbles as your puppy tries to eat from it.

A bowl for dogs with long ears

Spaniels, Hounds and Setters will appreciate not getting their ears wet or grubby when eating or drinking out of a specifically shaped long eared doggy bowl. 

Long eared dog bowls come in many different designs from the raised style, the incredibowl rectangle shape or the old favourite ceramic style

puppy licking lips with bowl
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A raised dog bowl

Some breeds do better with food and water bowls raised up. Whilst some experts say raised bowls are better for deep chested breeds that are at risk of bloat aka GDV, some argue they are not!

Raised puppy food bowls come in many different designs and finishes. There’s the stainless design which goes on a stand, ones built into a storage station, right up to solid wood and luxurious

A heavyweight dog bowl

If your puppy is the type to toss their food or water bowl around, it’s worth considering a heavy bowl that they’re less likely or able to tip.  

Our favourite is the Pet Weighter dog bowl (yes admittedly, we like the pun too!) and for old times’ sake, who can resist the Mason Cash heavy ceramic bowls

A bowl for dogs who travel

If you’re looking for a travel water bowl, then consider one which is anti-spill like the Road Refresher, it contains a floating platform so that only a small amount of water comes out at a time. If you’re looking for puppy food and water bowls to use when travelling then best to look for something like this travel bag with bowls and pouches for your puppy’s food storage.

A bowl for walks

For your puppy’s safety and health we recommend always having water with you on walks. It needn’t be anything too cumbersome, a plain water bottle and collapsible travel bowl is really all you need. Of course, we also like this integrated bowl and water bottle too, and for the hikers, this bowl and bottle with insulation sleeve might be a good thing to think about getting. 

Well, do you feel a bit more clear about your choice of which puppy food bowl might be best for your pup? While you’re here, have you given a thought to choosing a dog bed? We know raising a puppy can be expensive, check out our article on just how much raising a puppy costs! They’re worth it though, right? We think so!

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