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Whilst we at Zigzag think we have a pretty pawfect training app, it means even more to us, knowing that other professional organisations also think we are totally Pawesome.

Read on to see why they enjoy working with us, and why their trainers and behaviourists love to recommend Zigzag to all their puppy parents.

Niki Tudge,
Founder & President of PPG

Zigzag’s company’s ethics and philosophy reflect those of the Pet Professional Guild, so it was a very easy decision to align the two organizations. As is the goal of PPG, the Zigzag Puppy Training App educates pet owners on the value of effective science-based training, teaching pet parents how to build a healthy bond with their new family member by keeping the pup’s needs front and centre.

The Pet Professional Guild offers a free membership to pet owners because we see the value of supporting and helping them achieve their goals.  With puppyhood being such a critical stage of learning and socialization, the Zigzag app provides the tools for pets and their parents to start their relationship the right way.

The app is tailored to meet the real-world demands of busy pet parents who appreciate bite-sized lessons that fit into the course of their everyday lives. The app is also a perfect tool for Professionals to help support their one-to-one and group training sessions.

The Pet Professional Guild
The Pet Professional Guild was founded in response to the need for collaboration among professionals seeking change in the pet industry; voices that needed a platform to spotlight the call for ethical, humane, positive reinforcement-based training and pet care. We are an organization of pet advocates who practice a smarter, safer, gentler way to meet the growing needs of the pet community. Discover more at
The APDT was founded in 1995 in response to a lack of any kind of regulation or measure of quality in the dog training industry. If dog owners went to an APDT member they would know that the trainer they were choosing would be assessed on their skills and experience, and also only be using Kind, Fair and Effective methods. Discover more at

Jane Robinson,
Chair of APDT UK

We decided to collaborate with Zigzag as the original programme content was created by an APDT Member, and we knew that the team behind Zigzag had a good pedigree within the pet industry. Whilst many dog training apps have their limitations, we applauded the way that Zigzag wanted not to replace in-person classes and training, but work alongside it. It also means that for people who perhaps cannot attend in-person training there is an app that can support them with the most critical time of their dog’s development, puppyhood! Zigzag is turning the app-based dog training industry on its head by not only having the only dedicated puppy orientated programme but also by having a team of expert dog trainers (many of whom are APDT members) on hand to answer puppy owners questions and provide support when they need it. We know that if we refer a client to download the Zigzag app the information they get is going to be accurate and up to date, without the use of aversive methods.

Susan Gammage,
Committee Member CAPBT

With more people obtaining puppies, there is a need to provide guardians with current up to date support and training plans that are easily accessible. Knowing that the app has been written and supported by well-respected professionals from the pet dog training and behaviour industry, and has been done with ethical, compassionate, kind, reward-based training plans, makes it an easy choice to collaborate with Zigzag.

One of the great things about the Zigzag app is that they get the opportunity to reach new puppy guardians at a very large scale, before most trainers do. Most trainers will only get to see puppies once the final vaccinations are given around 12 weeks of age. The critical development period for pups starts as early as 7-8 weeks, so getting something as well structured and written as Zigzag, to these puppy guardians right from the start, is really positive. It means these puppies are already getting a headstart, before attending puppy classes at a later stage, and they will already have started to develop some key life skills that will help them build strong foundations.

The Zigzag app also offers guardians access to top professionals via What’s App, email, and freephone, for any questions or issues they may have, which during this critical early phase, can be truly life saving for some of the puppies and families.

The COAPE Association of Applied Pet Behaviourists and Trainers was established in around 2005, and was initially created to help graduates of COAPE connect with each other, support each other and continue to learn through ongoing CPD. In more recent years, CAPBT also offers pet guardians a large global network of highly trained professionals to help them with their behaviour and training needs. CAPBT was founded from the COAPE Organisation who were true pioneers in using emotions at the heart of all their methodologies (since 1993) and were one of the first organisations using positive reinforcement methods when working with pets. Discover more at
Coape UK
COAPE was established in 1993 and was the only education provider in the UK to provide Animal Behaviour and Training courses that were OFQUAL regulated – meaning their courses and therefore their graduates, are being educated to the highest standard. COAPE was founded on the belief that all animals have emotions and they put this at the heart of everything they teach. Their methods are very much rooted in the science of Jaak Panksepp and COAPE took that science and applied it to pet behaviour, becoming true pioneers in the industry. COAPE also developed the Emotional, Mood State and Reinforcement Assessment (EMRA) which is widely used today and still underpins the methodology that all COAPE practitioners use. Discover more at

Yvonne Mackender,
Owner of COAPE UK

COAPE UK is very pleased to support Zigzag as the programme follows the strong scientific methodologies that put emotions at the heart of everything, and uses only positive reward based methods. This means that we at COAPE UK are fully confident that puppies going through this programme will be getting a very high quality of education.

What we really love about Zigzag is that the programme teaches puppy owners the ‘why’ and not just the ‘what’ and ‘how’, enabling them to better understand their puppies and to help build strong relationships and foundations.

The programme also covers all the key life skills that are required for puppies to learn during this critical time of development, which are often missed by other training programmes who tend to focus more on the obedience and good manners aspect only.

Dionna Newton, Founder of Animal Behaviour Australia

The Zigzag puppy training app is a fantastic resource for all puppy owners, both new but also experienced dog owners. The app has been created by professionally trained behaviourists. Not only that, but a suite of behaviourists who all have to agree on the methods advocated therefore, not just one person’s approach advocated. Owners get the most up to date knowledge and experience of a collective of behaviourists who have been trained by COAPE, Centre of Applied Pet Ethology. COAPE uses the most up to date modern force free training methods and behaviour education. This app was created by behaviourists who are passionate about helping people get it right with their puppy. Owners can also ask questions and are supported if they are struggling with something.

As a behaviourist, who works with clients daily, I find Zigzag a fantastic supportive tool for my clients with puppies and young dogs. I advocate for ‘prevention is better than cure’ and education is key for this. Unfortunately, all too often I help clients who are struggling with their puppies who say, ‘Get a puppy they said, it will be fun they said’. It is! Once you know what you are doing and have help along the way if things don’t go to plan.

I tell all of my clients to get the right advice, from the right sources, educate yourself proactively and never be afraid to ask for help early. That way you save time, money and frustration and CAN build that relationship that you always dreamed of with your dog. The Zigzag app fits this. Then you can say, ‘Get a dog they said. And, they were right’.

My favourite all time quote being ‘He is your most valued friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion’. Author unknown (but definitely a behaviourist!).

animal behaviour australia logo
Animal Behaviour Australia has been developed to drive a mission: To change the way that people ‘talk’ to their pet. Animal Behaviour Australia has developed and built an online consultation service and training platform accessible across Australia to provide:
  • Understanding: Teaching owners why their pets do what they do and how to talk to them.
  • Direction: Spending time with owners and their pets and showing them how to overcome annoying behaviours
  • Qualified help in solving problems: Finding the root cause and then how to solve, fix and prevent behaviour problems. Hopefully this is enough – let me know if not.
Discover more at
The ISCP Logo

About The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour

The ISCP was founded in 2011 to enable caregivers and those planning to enter into a career in working professionally with dogs to gain an education that is science-based and employs purely reward-based methods.

We offer globally accredited distance learning courses in all aspects of dog behaviour, training, body language, nutrition and handling, and we also offer short courses for caregivers and members of dog rescues, charities and veterinary staff.

The Association of Canine Professionals

The Association of Canine Professionals is the accrediting body for ISCP graduates who achieved a Merit or Distinction for their studies. Its purpose is to set and maintain high standards in the application of learning theory and its use in practice during professional work with dogs and their caregivers. ISCP ACP members gain the title of Alumni and can use our Accredited Canine Professional logo. The ACP is proud to be an organisation member of the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter.

Discover more about the ISCP at and learn more about The Association of Canine Professionals here

Find an ISCP Practitioner in your area:

Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, ISCP Founder

The ISCP is delighted to endorse and support the Zigzag app because it corresponds beautifully with our science-based, force-free, reward-based compassionate ethos. Zigzag is unique in three ways: it was written by highly respected behaviourists; it can be used by trainers and behaviourists in tandem with their work with clients; it sets puppies up to learn important life skills that will improve their long-term quality of life and strengthen bonds between caregivers and their puppies as they develop; and it can be used right from the early days, before puppies are old enough to be taken to training and socialization classes.

Many new caregivers find that raising a puppy can be harder work than they anticipated. The immediate in-person 24/7 WhatsApp support offered to users by the Zigzag team of behaviourists and trainers is a boon to puppy caregivers, as the guidance available helps to instill confidence while they go through the step-by-step training programme.

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