Do you have a dog who gets a tickle from squeaky toys? They can be fast asleep and sprint to their feet at the faintest sign of a pitchy squeak. Squeaky toys are simply a joy for puppies; they get immediate satisfaction and get to work their jaw muscles too. 

But have you ever wondered what it is about squeaky toys that dogs find so appealing? You’re probably trying to love them as well, because they’ll be around a lot at home. In this article, we’ll discuss why some dogs love squeaky toys, what squeaky toys do for dogs, whether they’re actually good for dogs and puppies, and our favourite squeaky toys. If you have a dog who loves to play with squeaky toys, you can learn how to teach them to play fetch in the Zigzag app.

We also have a personalised programme to help you to train your puppy to be the best-behaved dog in town. When raising a puppy, we know that you’ll face some challenges that are not so squeaky, so we’re glad to say our puppy trainers are always on hand to help you every step of the way.

black and white dog holding toy
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What do squeaky toys do for dogs?

Squeaky toys give instant feedback to dogs. Chewing is a natural behaviour that all dogs enjoy, and as they crush the toy with their jaws, the noise is simply the most gratifying. 

Some studies suggest that a dog biting into a squeaky toy activates certain parts of the brain and releases endorphins. Makes sense why so many dogs find squeaking a toy extremely pleasurable. You can just tell by the look on their face how nuts they are about squeaky toys.

Why do dogs like squeaky toys?

It’s rather simple. Dogs like squeaky toys because they’re tremendously entertaining. They’re a great way of satisfying their chewing instinct since it makes them feel like they’ve made it as successful hunters. It may be kind of grim, but maybe the squeaks mimic the sounds a duck would make? Hm. Better not think about it like that.

1. Squeaky toys are fun for dogs

Squeaking and crunching down on a squeaky toy releases endorphins in the brain. Dogs get a huge rush from their brain’s reward centre by biting down on them.

2. Dogs like squeaky toys because they mimic prey

Yeah, we kind of hinted at this one before, but this is indeed one theory as to why dogs like squeaky toys. The squeaker sounds like a wounded or injured animal, which is why they like them so much. Maybe they think they’re heroically putting the poor thing out of its misery. 

3. Squeaking a toy gives your dog’s jaw a workout

Chewing is a very natural behaviour for dogs, especially when they’re teething. But the truth is most dogs just enjoy chewing for fun and should therefore be given plenty of opportunities to do so. It’s kind of like spying on your neighbours. You just enjoy doing it (don’t lie).

4. Squeaky toys relieve boredom

Lots of dogs get bored quickly. Squeaky toys often do the trick and scratch the itch for entertainment. Another great way of doing this, is introducing them to puzzle toys!

5. Squeaky toys get your attention

Dogs adore our undivided attention. That is simply a fact. As you are probably aware, squeaky toys are difficult to ignore, so they make the ideal tool for your dog to get your attention and to let you know they want to play. Play for a few minutes – it will mean everything to them.

dog in stripey top with toys
Photo by Samia Liamani on Unsplash

Are squeaky toys good for dogs?

Squeaky toys are good for dogs because they enrich the mind and provide a lot of entertainment, preventing them from getting bored. They can also give your dog a good outlet for chewing if they’re not keen on traditional chews.

Some dogs can go a bit crazy with squeaky toys, almost to the point where they can look compulsive in their determination to squeeze and squeak them continually. The thrill of the noise can be quite addictive!

Are squeaky toys good for puppies?

Many squeaky toys are perfectly fine for puppies. It all depends on how they play with them. Some breeds like Jack Russells will want to gnaw at the toy until the squeaker pops out. Although they may feel rather accomplished, this can be a choking hazard, so it’s best to keep an eye out when they’re playing. 

If it’s your puppy’s first time playing with a squeaky toy, watch their play style. If they seem like they want to rip it to shreds, then swap it for a different kind of toy that is safer for them. Maybe something squishy that doesn’t squeak.

What’s the best dog squeaky toy?

The best squeaky toy for a dog will depend on how old your dog is, their breed and physical size. Needless to say, the best squeaky toy is also one that doesn’t make you go insane:

Here are our favourite squeaky toys for dogs:

Best squeaky toy for puppies

The best squeaky toy for a puppy should be safe, without bits that can be easily pulled off. We like the Kong duck as it’s small and safe for puppies to squeak to their heart’s content. If you have a larger puppy, go for a Kong plush. They’ll love having a larger toy and will be heavily amused by not being able to fit the whole thing in their mouth.

Best squeaky toy for terriers and dissectors

If you have a terrier breed or one who likes to pull their squeaky toys apart, then we recommend the no-stuffing-range of squeaky toys, like these excellent Octopus toys.

dog chewing yellow pig toy
Photo by Justin Veenema on Unsplash

Best squeaky toys for Spaniels and Retrievers

Spaniels and retrievers have large mouths that like to be wrapped around something quite big. Don’t think of anything naughty. For these breeds, we recommend the pretend ducks and pheasant styles of squeaky toys; these make great noises too.

Best squeaky toys for strong chewers

If you own a Bulldog or a Staffy, you might find they’re quite rough with their toys. Giving them extra hard toys will just make them chew harder, but we’re pretty sure you’re sick of toys getting trashed. Try out the West Paw Rowdie if you have a dog who likes to be tough, but if they’re a really strong chewer, then we find the best are the goughnut range. They don’t squeak, but they’re virtually indestructible! 

So why do dogs like squeaky toys? Well, it’s mostly because dogs find them amusing. They stimulate the part of dogs’  brains that is responsible for liking rewards, and help them satisfy their hunting behaviour needs. Now that you’re fully equipped, we’re sure you’ll get them the perfect squeaky toy for their needs.If you’re looking for more help with choosing toys then check out our best puppy toys article. Perhaps you’re also into reading how you can work with problem solving with puppy brain games too. Don’t worry, we have it all and more on the Zigzag app.