Have a pup they said.
It will be fun, they said.

Did you know? Our team of puppy experts are often asked “Is this normal behaviour?” In fact, we recently carried out some research into the perceptions of what is and isn’t normal puppy development.

As part of our campaign to normalise the ups and downs of raising a puppy, we want to hear about the tough parts of puppyhood (that no one ever told you about) – think peeing and pooping on the floor, chewing prized possessions, and howling all night. While we love cute and funny puppy content, we know it’s not all cuddles!

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How to enter:

Post your photos and videos using the hashtag #MyNormalPup. Didn’t manage to capture the poop on the living room carpet at 4am? No problem! Simply tell us your puppy tale in the comments below. You’ll receive one entry for every photo and video posted.

✨ For bonus entries:

Share your photo, video, or puppy tale in your Stories. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #MyNormalPup and tag @zigzag.dog. One entry awarded. Tag a fellow puppy parent in the comments. One entry awarded for every puppy parent tagged.

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