Why there is such a wide array of puppy training pads on the market will remain a mystery.

To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve compared some of the best on the market and answered some questions you might have on puppy pad training when toilet training your puppy.

We assume they’re for your puppy….?

5 best puppy training pads compared

1. Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads

🏆 – Best value for money

Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads


Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads

What makes them special?

  • Includes Intashield Technology (fancy term for six layers of material) for ultimate absorbency, leak protection and ability to neutralise odours – puppies have small, but mighty bladders so this is probably necessary. 
  • They hold 10 times more liquid by converting it into gel – impressive.
  • Contain an attractant to encourage puppies to use them and not your floors.
  • Includes a holder to secure the pads in place, and not end up as magic flying carpets.


Price (UK): Starts from $8,78 / €7,29 / £6.39

Sizes: Regular size (58 x 60 cm) or Extra Large (71 x 76cm)

Available in packs of 14, 30, 56, 100 or 224

2. Vluvitt Premium Super Absorbent Puppy Training Pads 

💦 – Best quality absorbent pads

Vluvitt Premium Super Absorbent Puppy Training Pads


Vluvitt Premium Super Absorbent Puppy Training Pads 

What makes these puppy training pads different from the rest?

  • The affordable, disposable solution that also sticks to the floor.
  • Ultra-absorbent pads with bamboo and charcoal technology to protect against odours and traps liquids away.
  • Adhesive strips on all four sides to secure the pad to the floor.


Price (UK): Starts from $23,35 / €19,38 / £16.99


  • 40 x 60 cm
  • 60 x 60 cm
  • 60 x 80 cm

Available in packs of 50 or 100

3. Pogi’s Training Pads 

♻️ – Best eco-friendly puppy pads

Simple Solution Washable Training and Travel Dog Pads (Re-usable Dog Pee Pad)


Pogi’s Training Pads 

What makes them special?

  • An eco-friendly and disposable solution.
  • Uses sustainable plant-based materials to provide 6 layered pads for ultimate protection
  • Includes a bamboo ultra-absorbent top sheet, a honey attractant (truly makes it a sweet spot for a wee) and a leak-proof liner from sustainable pine fluff pulp.
  • Adhesive strips are on the bottom, to prevent slippage.


Price (UK): Starts from $13,72 / €11,39 / £9.99

Sizes: Medium (45 x 60 cm) or Extra Large (60 x 90 cm)

Available in packs of 20 or 40

4. Simple Solution Washable Training and Travel Dog Pads (Re-usable Dog Pee Pad)

✨ – Highest quality training pads


Simple Solution Washable Training and Travel Dog Pads (Re-usable Dog Pee Pad)

What makes them special?

  • It’s washability and re-usability make it an eco-friendly option.
  • Still includes their Instashield Technology for ultimate absorption and protection.
  • Top layer seals nasty odours, and a leakproof bottom sheet protects your floors.
  • Perfect for massive poos or to place inside play pens – they cover a larger surface area. 
  • Offer 4 layers of protection 
  • Have been tested to last well for up to 300 washes. 
  • The non-slip bottom layer helps stop it from wiggling.


Price (UK): Starts from $27,47 / €22,80 / £19.99

Sizes: 76x81cm (available in packs of two)

5. Amazon Basics Pet Training Pads

📦 – Best big-package puppy pads

Pogi’s Puppy Training Pads


Pogi’s Puppy Training Pads 

What makes them special?

  • A reliable disposable solution on a budget
  • Perfect to use during early stages of puppy pad training with very young puppies – you’ll be likely to use many
  • Offers a 5-layer technology – a quilted layer wicks liquids away into an absorbent polymer core that magically turns it to gel, and offers leak protection.
  • Includes an attractant.


Price (UK): Starts from $17,86 / €14,82 / £12,99


  • Regular (56 x 56 cm), suitable for puppies and small dogs 
  • X-Large (71 x 86), suitable for larger dogs or puppies

Available in packs of 40, 50, 60, 100 or 150

Guide to puppy pad training

So, you’ve bought the puppy pads and have now realized they don’t have magic powers to toilet train your puppy. 

Just joking, of course you didn’t think that. 

Here’s how you do it.

Before you start 

  • Set up a puppy pad area: make sure it’s away from where your puppy sleeps
  • Treats: have 5 or 6 treats live inside your pocket at all times so that you can reward success straight away. A success is having your puppy go to the loo on the pad, by the way.

How to toilet train a puppy with pads:

  1. First thing your puppy should meet when they get home is their toilet area. 
  2. Wait until they make something smelly come out in their designated toilet. Be prepared to wait – puppies get easily distracted, and simply cannot, like many of us, pee under pressure. 
  3. Success on the puppy pad? Reward your puppy with a treat as soon as they do it. 
  4. Keep track of when your puppy needs to go to the toilet so you can be ready to reward them, or avoid an accident. Usually, these will be when he wakes up, after or during play, after a meal and after a drink.
  5. They can’t talk, so learn the signs that your puppy needs the toilet. These can be sniffing the floor, turning around in circles, whining, trying to find a corner, being restless or mouthy.  If you see any of these happening, make it a reflex to take them to the puppy pad straight away
  6. Be nice, and always go with your puppy to the pad. No, it’s not a particularly entertaining thing to see, but it’s so you get a chance to reward them and speed up the process of toilet training. 

The Golden Rule: Remember to always reward your puppy after going to the toilet on the training pads. 

Tips on puppy pad training

  • Use a confinement area such as a play pen or crate for when you can’t supervise your puppy to prevent having wee on the floor.
  • Make sure that their ‘sleeping area’ and ‘toilet area’ are clearly different to avoid confusion by placing the pads away from their crate.
  • Never punish a puppy for making a mistake or having an accident. Simply take a big breath, and clean it up. 
  • Needing the loo in the middle of the night will probably happen in the first few weeks, so be prepared to take them to the pad then as well. 
  • Puppies like to pee on soft surfaces. For optimal success, we suggest rolling up any rugs or mats that you may have on the floor – unless you want to remember the puppy phase with a couple of stains on them.

FAQ’s about puppy training pads

How often should you change puppy training pads?

At least once a day. Puppies don’t like mucky places to go to the loo, so they’ll probably look for a new place to go without you knowing. Under the table or right where you get off the bed, for example.

How do I stop my puppy from using puppy pads?

To train your puppy to stop using the pads all together, you will need to go back to basics with toilet training. This means you’ll need to take them outside of the house more frequently. As young puppies, going every hour should be okay to start.
Of course, take food treats and shower them with praise when they go to the toilet outside. We’re sure you can understand how going to the loo in the cold or rain after having gotten used to the warm, soft floor indoors can be tricky. Be patient with them, they’ll make it eventually! 
That’s our guide to puppy pads and how to train your pup using them. Looking for more training advice and tips? Read our article and find out when your new puppy can go outside safely, next.